Pars International Assistance

Located in Vancouver Canada, specialize in medical, legal and financial assistance offers travel assistance services to travelers visiting Iran and offers comprehensive medical, legal and financial assistance for your beloved family living in Iran.


Travel Assistance

For all travellers to Iran, Pars International Assistance provides the highest quality of round-the-clock assistance services, including 24/7 access to our help call center.

Family Assistance

All members will have access to medical health, financial and  legal services.

Medical Tourism

Travelers visiting Iran for medical treatment will be able to attain medical health care at a fraction of the cost of that found in North American and European medical centers.

Access Assistance

Pars offers the Access Assistance Program for family members, where they receive coverage and benefits of Pars assistance services, such as 24 hour access to medical assistance.


Industry Specialists

Pars International Assistance is an assistance company located in Vancouver, Canada, providing assistance services to the Iranian Diaspora extended family members, as well as those still living in Iran. The company specializes in three (3) assistance services: Travel Assistance for those visiting Iran; Medical Travel Assistance in Iran; and Family Assistance.

24/7 Access

In providing assistance services to the travelers visiting Iran and also providing medical health, financial and legal assistance services to the Iranian extended family members living in Iran, it is imperative that members know that their loved ones are given 24/7 access to our help call center.

Iran Assistance Backing

Pars International Assistance provides its services through its associated company, Iran Assistance. Iran Assistance is a fully licensed, accredited, and privately owned assistance company founded in 1989. It is the largest assistance service provider in the Middle East, with more than 500 experienced staff and well over one million members.